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Are you a cricket enthusiast who not only enjoys thrilling matches but also finds yourself captivated by the charm and charisma of the players? In this article, we will delve into the world of cricket and explore the top 10 most handsome cricketers who not only rule the pitch but also possess striking good looks that make them heartthrobs worldwide.

Cricket, often referred to as the gentleman’s game, has an inherent quality of combining skill, passion, and elegance. It is no surprise then that some cricketers go beyond their exceptional gameplay to win hearts with their dashing appearance, captivating smiles, and magnetic personalities.

So, without further ado, let’s unveil the list of the top 10 most handsome cricketers in the world, who possess not only batting prowess but also looks that can make anyone weak in the knees.

world’s most attractive cricket player

Here is a list of the top 10 attractive athletes from around the globe. where they capture the affection of their numerous millions of admirers worldwide.

1. India’s Virat Kohli is the most attractive cricket player.

One of the most attractive athletes in the world is Virat Kohli. In addition, he had served as the captain of Indian cricket in all three formats. Along with being one of the most attractive cricket players in the world,

He also has a wonderful attitude, attractive eyes, a smart body, and amazing tattoos that give him a visually appealing appearance. In cricket history, Virat Kholi established a different world record.

In three types of cricket, he achieved 75 hundred. 28 test cricket centuries, 46 ODI international centuries, and 1 T20 international century. He is Sachin Tendulkar’s closest rival with 75 centuries in international cricket.

In 2016 against the Gujarat Lions, he also formed the IPL’s (Indian Premier League) highest-ever partnership. 2016, a record-breaking single-wicket partnership between Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle resulted in 229 runs.

In the history of cricket, he is the first player to have more than 250 million followers on Instagram.

250 million Instagram users

56+ Million people follow Twitter.

Virat Kholi (India)

PlayerIndian player
Born5th November 1988
Birth PlaceDelhi
Height5 ft. 9 in (175 cm)
Bowling StyleRight arm medium
Batting StyleRight arm batsmen

2. Australia’s Pat Cummins is the most attractive cricket player.

Pat Cummins is one of the world’s most attractive athletes and the fastest blower for Australia. In addition to their gorgeous grin, green eyes, and good body form, he is well known for their sharp personality. His incredible height (6.2 feet) further distinguishes them from other people.

He bats with his right hand and throws with his right arm. In 2011 against Tasmania, he played his first-ever international match. He was chosen to be among the most expensive IPL players in 2020. His selection cost KKR 15.5 crores.

1.2 million people follow you on Instagram 

Twitter has 706,5k users.

The Australian Pat Cummins:

PlayerAustralian Player
Born30th July 1993
Birth PlaceSydney
Bowling StyleRight arm fast blower
Batting StyleRight-hand batsmen

 3. South African cricketer AB de Villiers is the most attractive.

  1. One of the world’s most attractive and well-liked athletes is AB de Villiers.
  2. He made his debut in 2004 and began playing wicketkeeping in international cricket. Around the world, he is also referred to as Mr. 360.
  3. His appealing attitude, good looks, clever body shape, and killer eyes make him the best player in the three forms of ODI, T20, and Test.
  4. Millions of people throughout the world follow him, and he receives a lot of attention.
  5. With almost 350 sixes, AB de Villiers also holds the record for most sixes in international cricket.
  6. In addition, he defeated the West Indies in 31 balls to create a global record for the quickest century in ODI cricket.
  7. Additionally, he participated in numerous IPL games with RCB and set numerous records.
  8. AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli scored 229 runs together overall against the Gujarat Lions in 2016.

22+ Million users follow Instagram

9.5+ Million people follow Twitter

AB de Villiers (South Africa)

PlayerSouth African player
Born17th February 1984
Birth PlacePretoria
NationalitySouth Africa
Height5 ft. 10 in (178 cm)
Bowling StyleRight-hand medium blower
Batting StyleRight-hand batsmen

4. The most attractive cricket player is Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi.

The most attractive player in the world is Shahid Afridi. He served as the team’s previous captain in all forms of cricket for Pakistan. His outstanding performance earned him the moniker “BOOM BOOM.”

Its distinctive qualities include a lovely demeanor, a superb body shape, and a handsome beard. Shahid Afridi has gained a huge following worldwide thanks to his incredible batting ability, and he has won the hearts of millions of admirers.

He also has 476 or more sixes, which is the most in international cricket. He became the third player in cricket history to score a century in just 37 balls against Sri Lanka in 1996. In his international cricket career, he won numerous honors and trophies. Twitter

Instagram 4+ Million followers                                                                                                                                                    Twitter 1.7+ Million followers

Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)  

PlayerPakistani player
BornKhyber District
Birth Place1 March 1977
Bowling StyleRight arm medium spinner
Batting StyleRight-hand batsmen

5. The most attractive cricket player is England’s Alastair Cook.

  • One of the most attractive cricket players in the world is Alastair Cook. He was the England national cricket team’s former captain and player.
  • He is well-known for his superb baking, stunning appearance, stunning eyes, and killer looks, as well as his intelligence and fit physique. Millions of people admire his English accent.
  • In 2006, he launched his cricketing career and played his first international match. With 12472 runs in 161 games, he has the fifth-highest run total in test cricket.
  • In his international cricket, he also broke more records. 2018 marked the year of his final international cricket match. In all three forms of cricket, he batted first for the England squad.

Instagram has 2+ Million followers

Twitter 608k+ followers

Alastair Cook (England)

PlayerEngland player
Born Gloucester, United Kingdom
Birth Place25 December 1984
Bowling StyleLeft arm medium spinner
Batting StyleLeft-hand batsmen

6. The most attractive cricketer is Pakistan’s Naseem Shah.

One of the world’s most attractive cricket players is Pakistani star, Naseem Shah. He is well-known for his mind-blowing intelligence, stunning good looks, fit physique, and positive disposition. He is a fantastic blower and has excellent bowel control.

In barely 16 years, he plays Australia in his first international test cricket match. He is the youngest player in test cricket history to score a hat trick against Sri Lanka.

Instagram has more than 1.6 million users

Twitter has 783k+ users.

Naseem Shah (Pakistan)

PlayerPakistani player
BornMardan, Peshawar
Birth Place16 February 2003
Bowling StyleRight arm fast blower
Batting StyleRight-hand batsmen

7. The most attractive cricketer is New Zealand’s Kane Williamson.

Kane Williamson is one of the world’s most attractive cricket players. He plays right-hand for New Zealand and has had a successful career. Throughout his career, he received many honors. He is well-known throughout the entire world for his beard, nice-looking figure, clever appearance, and batting technique.

He serves as the New Zealand team’s captain. Both in 2015 and 2019, they were eligible to play in the cricket world final, but sadly, they fell to Australia and England in both of those matches. He also established a remarkable record in the IPL.

In their match against RCB Royal Challengers in 2017, Kane Williamson and David Warner set an IPL record for partnerships. Twitter has over 655k users.

Kane Williamson (New Zealand)

PlayerNew Zealand  player
Born8 August 1990
Birth PlaceTauranga, New Zealand
NationalityNew Zealand
Bowling StyleRight arm medium spinner
Batting StyleRight-hand batsmen

8. Australian cricketer Michael Clarke is the most handsome player.

One of the most attractive cricket players in the world is Michael Clarke. He has a stellar reputation as a skipper and a talented batter. In all three formats, he served as the Australian national cricket team’s former captain. After rock painting, he seized command.

In 2003, he launched his worldwide career. Under his leadership, Australia defeated New Zealand to win the World Cup in 2015, making them the first team to win five global championships. In the championship game, he scored 74 runs, giving them their fifth championship. He retired from all forms of international cricket after that.

Instagram has more than 832k users

Michael Clarke (Australia)

PlayerAustralian player
Born8 April 1981
Birth PlaceLiverpool, Australia
Bowling StyleRight arm medium spinner
Batting StyleRight-hand batsmen

9. The most attractive cricketer is James Anderson (England).

The most attractive and attractive player in the world is James Anderson. The best fast blower in the world, he is a right arm fast in the swing and out swing blower. The most attractive footballer in the world, he is also physically fit and has a terrific vision.

The 685+ wickets Anderson has taken in tests are a record for a fast bowler. He holds the third-highest wicket total in test history overall. Being 6.2 feet tall and attractive has won him millions of admirers all around the world. His international career began in 2002.

Instagram has more than 887K users

1.1 million plus followers on Twitter

James Anderson (England)

PlayerEngland  player
Born30 July 1982
Birth PlaceBurnley, United Kingdom
Bowling StyleRight arm fast blower
Batting StyleLeft-hand batsmen

10. The most attractive cricketer is Brett Lee (Australia).

The former right-arm fast bowler from Australia named Brett Lee. In the three different cricket formats—ODI, Test, and T20—he takes many wickets. The superb blowing of Brett Lee has cricket fans all around the world in a frenzy.

He is an athlete who achieved a speed of 161.1 kph (100.15 mph). Brett Lee became the quickest bowler in the world when the record was set on December 5, 2005, during an ODI.

He is renowned for both his stunning appearance and charming attitude. The bowling of Brett Lee is an inspiration to millions of fans. In addition, he is one of the world’s most attractive cricket players.

1.8+ Million users follow Instagram

Twitter has 2.5+ million users.

Brett Lee (Australia)

PlayerAustralian player
Born8 November 1976
Birth PlaceWollongong, Australia
Bowling StyleRight arm fast blower
Batting StyleRight-hand batsmen


These cricket players are among the most attractive in the world. They work extremely hard and are extremely passionate about gaming and cricket, which inspires many people, especially the younger generation. The majority of players are friendly and supportive of others and participate in charitable and social activities.

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