The Fastest Century in odi Cricket – Top 5 Best Players

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Are you a die-hard cricket fan who enjoys watching the game, especially the ODI, and wants to keep up with every development? In this article, we’ve reviewed a number of well-known individuals who have scored the fastest century in ODI cricket. Let’s get started!

The majority of people in the world adore cricket, which is especially well-liked because of its various competitive styles. In essence, cricket is a game between two teams, either national or international, with eleven players on each squad.

In traditional cricket, there are multiple overs available and teams play for two innings over several days, but currently, there are only 50 overs and 20 overs to shorten the game’s duration.

Top five ODI cricket hundreds ever:

AB de Villiers, South Africa vs. West Indies

AB de Villiers is the player with the fastest ODI hundreds. In a game between South Africa and the West Indies that was played in Johannesburg, AB de Villiers scored a century in just 31 balls and had nine fours and sixes in his innings.

The squad won by 148 runs thanks to him. The final score was 439/2 overall. Before being out, he had scored 149 runs in just 44 balls.

Because of his fantastic innings of 338.63 and record-breaking performance, AB de Villiers is such an outstanding person who can inspire his team to victory. But with only 11 overs remaining, nobody at that point had even the slightest expectation of a half-century.

In this scenario, AB de Villiers demonstrated his abilities by scoring 150 runs in addition to his century, which had a significant impact on his team’s ability to win.

 2. Corey Anderson—West Indies vs. New Zealand:

Corey Anderson, a former New Zealand player, is the second person after AB de Villiers to score an ODI century in the quickest time possible. 2014’s war also involved the West Indies, against whom Corey Anderson scored 100 runs in just 36 balls.

New Zealand was playing so brilliantly on January 1 that they were already in a winning position. In total, Corey Anderson scored 131 runs on the 47 balls without an out by hitting 14 sixes and 6 fours.

The incredible New Zealand players made a significant impact in the games against the West Indies, helping New Zealand win by 159 runs. A full ODI match was not played at the time because the contest only lasted 21 overs.

3. Shahid Afridi, Pakistan versus Sri Lanka:

Shahid Afridi, a Pakistani player, finished third overall in the ODI rankings. In 1996, Shahid Afridi recorded the quickest century in cricket history in just 37 balls, signaling the beginning of his international career.

The remarkable thing about this guy is that he had just recently begun playing international cricket, yet on his second day, he had already broken the world record.

As a potential player, Shahid ‘Boom Boom’ Afridi later achieved a great deal for the Pakistani cricket team. At the time, it appeared that Sri Lanka would triumph because of their strong batting performances.

Nobody is aware, however, that the Pakistani cricket squad boasts a player who scored 82 runs in total by hitting 11 sixes and 6 fours. At the time, it was difficult to surpass these marks.

4. Mark Boucher – Zimbabwe vs. South Africa:

  1. South African cricketer Mark Boucher had the fourth-reserved spot in the ODI cricket series.
  2. The wicketkeeper-batsman scored an incredible 100 runs in only 44 balls.
  3. He arrived at the very end when just the openers remained, and he enabled the squad to contribute 418 runs in total.
  4. Mark Boucher of South Africa scored eight fours and ten sixes, destroying any prospects of victory for Zimbabwe.
  5. He scored 147 runs in all, which meant that he not only reached the century but also fared well in the game.
  6. No one expected this wicketkeeper-batsman to break the record and finish in the top 10 in ODI matches.

5. Brian Lara – Bangladesh vs. the West Indies

  1. Brian Lara, a West Indies cricket player, finished in fifth place overall in the ODI competition.
  2. In 1999, Brian Lara scored an incredible century in just 45 balls, helping his team to victory.
  3. This player is well-known due to his test match performances, making him an exceptionally talented individual to play in this cricket venue.
  4. Brian LaraIn the same game, Brain Lara, a talented batsman, got two Bangladeshi wickets and helped his team score 12 runs.
  5. Shivnarine Chanderpaul, another player who assisted him while batting, helped the team score a total of 314 runs, which Bangladesh was unable to match, helping the team win.

Facts: ODI cricket’s fastest century

Quick facts about the players’ runs, teams to which they belong, and scores are provided in the Factbook. then let’s get going!

PlayersTeamBallsVenueFours and sixes
AB de VilliersSouth Africa31Johannesburg9 and 16
Corey AndersonNew Zealand36Queenstown6 and 14
.Shahid AfridiPakistan37Nairobi6 and 11
 Mark BoucherSouth Africa44Potchefstroom8 and 10
Brian LarWest Indies45Dhaka18 and 4


The fastest ODI centuries are a breathtaking testament to the extraordinary talent that graces the cricketing world. These record-breaking moments leave fans spellbound, reminding us of the sheer magic that unfolds on the cricket field. As the sport evolves, keep an eager eye on the horizon for new centuries that may redefine the limits of human achievement.


1. Who currently holds the record for the fastest century in ODI cricket?

The record for the fastest century in ODI cricket is held by AB de Villiers, who achieved this remarkable feat in just 31 balls against the West Indies in 2015. Please verify if there have been any changes to this record since then.

2. How many centuries have been scored in under 50 balls in ODIs?

A select group of cricketers has achieved centuries in fewer than 50 balls in ODIs. While the record is held by AB de Villiers (31 balls), other notable speedsters include Brian Lara, Shahid Afridi, and Corey Anderson.

3. Is there a difference in the pace of centuries between ODI and T20 cricket?

Yes, indeed. Typically, centuries in T20 cricket tend to be quicker due to the abbreviated format. In T20s, centuries are often scored in 50 balls or fewer, whereas in ODIs, even a century in 100 balls or fewer is considered quite rapid.

4. Can you name instances where a century was scored in a losing cause in ODIs?

Yes, there have been instances where a player scored a century in ODIs but ended up on the losing side. Cricket is the epitome of a team sport, where individual brilliance doesn’t always guarantee victory.

5. What factors contribute to a fast century in ODI cricket?

Achieving a fast century requires a combination of exceptional batting skills, precise timing, and the ability to find gaps in the field. Pitch conditions, the quality of the opposition’s bowling, and a bit of luck also play pivotal roles in achieving this remarkable milestone.


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